Rotterdam based studio specializing in food styling, concept development, food set design and digital content development around food. 

I am Alexandra Mitsiou, a professional food stylist who love to share the value of pure food and tell stories around the essence and importance of good nutrition based on a conscious, mindful & locally sourced lifestyle. AM foodstyling is named after the initials of my name and creates a funny link to the breakfast rituals in the serene early morning hours that have been an inspiration since the beginning of my work.

My style is infused by a mix of simplicity, elegance & classic identity rooted in my Greek background & the influences of the Mediterranean food culture on my work. Through the use of durable, authentic & sustainable materials, I introduce structures, textures & color palettes with the aim to demonstrate the essence of food through minimal but powerful visuals.

‘I am seeking the feel of diffused daylight, the clarity of pure sunlight and the vitality of locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

‘ I want to present food in a way that will reveal its substance, purity & importance in our daily life’

I aim to create a world of emotions around food, indulge the viewer to be present in the moment in front of a table setting. Take a moment to reflect & appreciate the resources, focus on the ingredients and the process of food making, get nourished & share locally-sourced food prepared with care.’



Book me for: food styling, concept development & content creation around food. Also for recipe development & culinary writing with specialization in gluten free & plant-based patisserie. Quite often, I am working in collaboration with a team of post producers & videomakers to bring the best visual results tailored to the needs of your brand.

Furthermore, I really enjoy working on new projects and creating new collaborations. So if you have an idea, don't hesitate to drop a line at info[at]amfoodstyling.com or call me and I would be excited to discuss it with you! 

Looking forward to meeting you!